Crochet pouch black

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Sometimes we work with organisations who has different groups of women working. The last time... more

Sometimes we work with organisations who has different groups of women working. The last time when I was in Nepal this knitting group doesn't have much work. So we thought there should be a knitted item also in the ANNA NERA collection. And that became this beauty. Simple, handy and a little gem in your handbag or drawer.



Additional information

10x15 cm

Also in white and gray

Article nr: AN300-001
Country or origin: Nepal
Quality mark:
Material: Schapenwol

About Anna Nera

Know the story behind your product & you will enjoy and appreciate the use of the product much more! ANNA NERA only works with WFTO Fairtrade organisations. These enterprises transform local communities, pioneer upcycling, empower women and practice organic farming. Their impact goes far and wide. These are the enterprises of the new economy.

I travelled back in Nepal and Bangladesh to work and meet the women behind, and make a new and cool collection together. I try to capture the story behind the artisans to bring this closer to you ;-)

About Real Yak

When we walk through the tourist area Thamel in Kathmandu the vendors on the streets try to seduce us to buy scarves for little prices but it is reallllll Yak. Oh rrrrealy we say then… Most of the times this is not rrrreal Yak but a synthetic or cotton material. One of the oldest Fairtrade organisations in Nepal found the real Yak.

Produced from the coat hair of yaks(a long-haired bovine mainly found in the Himalayas). They combine it with cotton and make incredible soft and warm scarves. Impressive, yes, but the real test is by touch. A scarf for life!

Origin Crochet pouch black

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