Cup 2-tone high model

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This ceramic piece is a handcrafted item, each one individually and lovingly crafted by the... more

This ceramic piece is a handcrafted item, each one individually and lovingly crafted by the hands of an artisan. There can be slight variations or little imperfections. That is making your product one of kind and beautiful at the same time. And you will appreciate the use of it.


Article nr: AN200-006
Country or origin: Nepal
Materiaal: Keramiek
Additional information

8,5 x 7 cm

About Anna Nera

Know the story behind your product & you will enjoy and appreciate the use of the product much more! ANNA NERA only works with WFTO Fairtrade organisations. These enterprises transform local communities, pioneer upcycling, empower women and practice organic farming. Their impact goes far and wide. These are the enterprises of the new economy.

I travelled back in Nepal and Bangladesh to work and meet the women behind, and make a new and cool collection together. I try to capture the story behind the artisans to bring this closer to you ;-)

About Ceramics from Thimi

This local, non profit organisation started almost 40 years ago and now providing work to around 1000 artisans (90% female) They take care for them in many ways. For instance, to encourage education in female children, they allots a monthly allowance for up to three years to producers who keep their daughters in school for at least four consecutive years. But also medical care, a retirement fund, saving programs and maternity leave. And they can do all of that because they make the most beautiful ceramics of Nepal that You buy. So thank you for that!

Origin Cup 2-tone high model

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