Big bag jute M natural

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A rrreally big bag! But still stylish... You can use it for going to the beach, for your fun... more

A rrreally big bag! But still stylish... You can use it for going to the beach, for your fun weekend with your friends, or just when you have to transport a lot of things. Made from jute and canvas with leather details. The leather is not dy-ed, in its orginal natural colour. Good for the enviroment and beautiful for you.



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Also available in 65x46x16cm

Also in Black

Article nr: AN400-015
Country or origin: Bangladesh
Material: Cotton, Leather
Quality mark:

About Anna Nera

Know the story behind your product & you will enjoy and appreciate the use of the product much more! ANNA NERA only works with WFTO Fairtrade organisations. These enterprises transform local communities, pioneer upcycling, empower women and practice organic farming. Their impact goes far and wide. These are the enterprises of the new economy.

I travelled back in Nepal and Bangladesh to work and meet the women behind, and make a new and cool collection together. I try to capture the story behind the artisans to bring this closer to you ;-)

About Bags from Bangladesh

Fairtrade in Bangladesh? Really? Really! Bangladesh known for their big garments industries is also the country where the ANNA NERA bag collections is made fairtrade. In a small, light, airy workshop about 20 artisans are working on the collection, A variety of skills in this building. From senior skilled patternmakers to young people (over 18…) who are learning the skills from their leather master. They are only for 2 years in business so we are very proud to be a part of them and able to work with them and hopefully have a long term relation.

For now we are only using the black and natural leather. The black is vegetable dyed and with the natural leather there is no dying involved. We also went to the tannery and were very impressed. Two years ago the government of Bangladesh decided to move all the tanneries to one area outside of Dhakka. They also provided the water plans were 3 types of waste water come together of all the tanneries, get mixed and go back to the tanneries for recycling the water. What a big improvement for the environment! So changes are coming in Bangladesh, step by step.

Origin Big bag jute M natural

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